Saturday, 21 February 2015

Return to the Wallingford bookshop

My wife and I went recently to Wallingford, one of my favourite towns (barely bigger than a village really) in all England. Of course, as it was open, we made time to go to the Wallingford bookshop. We didn't stay there as long as I wished, but I still had time to buy two books and enjoy the place. The staff is friendly and for a small shop it does have a decent choice. I even managed to get a great unknown line to immortalize on the blog. The person working at the bookshop that day was talking to some customers and she said: "I think one should judge a book by its cover: you pay good money for it, you want it to be appealing." Very true. So it deserves to be a great unknown line and just for it I decided to blog about the Wallingford bookshop today.


Nellie said...

Oh, I love to spend time in a good bookstore! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I think thats a very good reason to blog about the bookshop!