Friday, 27 February 2015

A new archetype in crime fiction?

I am reading at the moment Devils in Exile by Chuck Hogan, in translation (because my mother bought it from me and thus it is translated). So am I trying to get used to a translated text, which I now find an odd reading experience, but I this is not the topic of this post. I was pondering a year and a half ago about the return of the private eye as archetype character in crime fiction. Now I am wondering if I had not been wrong. When I thought this, I was referring to Spero Lucas, George Pelecanos' latest (anti)hero. Well, Lucas is also and especially a veteran of the Iraq war, former Marine a who basically brought his war experience and psyche back home. His private activity is only pheripherical to his character. What he truly is is a former Marine. So is Neal Maven, the main character of Hogan's novel. Who is not at all a private eye. So I am wondering if the youngish yet already disgruntle war veteran is not the true archetype that is making a comeback here. The war veteran may not be an entirely new archetype, but he is certainly finding a new life in our time.

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