Friday 11 October 2013

The Perfect Tea Mug

I am plugging David's Tea and their products only four days after I blogged about them. I get enthusiastic like this. I also use shamelessly a picture I took from their Facebook page. It is a beautiful autumnal picture, so I might as well use it. Little anecdote: I discovered that two of my Facebook friends also love David's Tea. There is another reason I wanted to use this picture on this blog: it shows the perfect tea mug. Or, as used in the title of this post: The Perfect Tea Mug. Because it is. I bought the one with animals motives (foxes, squirrels, various birds and owls), but there are others. I already used it half a dozen of times.

So why is it The Perfect Tea Mug? I will quote the company: "So what makes this mug so perfect? Well, aside from being the perfect size and shape, it comes with a fine, stainless steel infuser that fits right into it. Plus it has a lid, the ultimate tea-steeping accessory. Lids keep all the aroma and heat in the cup, for an even better tea experience. And when you’re done steeping, just use the lid as a little plate for the infuser – how perfect is that? Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe, except for metal infuser." So here it is. You'll thank me for the tip.


suzanne said...

Sounds perfect! I love David's Tea. And especially their Pumpkin Chai.

Guillaume said...

It was my most important discovery of my last trip in Montreal.