Tuesday 15 October 2013

The Arsenal against the Forces of Darkness (revisited)

This is my countdown to Halloween post. People may remember my post last year about the arsenal against the Forces of Darkness (vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, etc.). I had come up with a detailed list, some people came up with their own suggestions in their comments. I read my list again and, while it is quite good, I think it is still incomplete.So I came up here with some extra, which would not be cumbersome to the whole, but on the contrary complete it:

-A thick turtle neck jumper. Its main use would of course be against vampires: it covers the most vulnerable part of your body for a vampiric attack. Thick clothes also protect you from the claws and fangs of werewolves. If there is a ghost you need to deal with, the temperature of the room drops significantly (according to this book), so the jumper is also a plus for this kind of situation.

-Garlic vaporiser, just like a perfume but with... Well, yes, garlic. I would rather smell like Italian salad dressing than a feast for vampire. It might also weaken the vampire.

-A powerful flashlight. Any idea which brand would be best? A strong light is useful because to actually see the enemy, but also because many of the servants of evil are sensitive to light.

-Matches and maybe a lighter. Because fire, if difficult to control, can be very effective against witches and werewolves, among others.

So that's it. Any suggestions?

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