Friday 4 October 2013

Café2U is back! (for now)

Today I had a happy surprise in the morning: Café2U was back! I thought they had gone bankrupt. They had stopped coming more than a year ago, in July 2012. I had seen their vans after that when I was walking home, in the little town where I live, back in September or October 2012. That had been the last sight. Then thir morning, a little bit after 10, I get this mailer saying they were here. Sadly they didn't have the delicious chocolate cornetto they used to have, only plain croissants. So I had a hot chocolate as my Friday treat. Not as big as the one they used to make: there was no whipped cream or marshmallows. I think they learned from their mistakes and know they must be more efficient delivering their food and drinks. I hope this time they last, and thrive, because I love their little business and they are lovely people.

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