Monday 21 October 2013

A friendly ghost

Once upon a time, I do show softer, friendlier aspects of Halloween, even though I usually prefer the darker, sinister aspect of the holiday. That said, it is a dreary autumnal Monday today and I am a bit short of energy and inspiration, so I thought I would put this picture on the blog to cheer people up. I bought it in a charity shop. A small decoration, with an interesting background of dry crop and pumpkins. You see the harvest and autumnal side of Halloween, with a smiling ghost bearing apple-red cheeks. The ghost is a bit of a scarecrow in this environment, although I don't think he can scare even birds. For my thoughts about ghosts, from the mischievous ones to the nasty, even malevolent ones, please read this post. I hope you don't mind this friendlier incarnation for now.

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