Sunday 27 October 2013

Black cats and Halloween

Today's countdown to Halloween post would be much shorter than expected. I thought I would start writing the Jack O'Lantern story I promised I promised at the beginning of the countdown. But now, after that trip home and a frantic end of month at work, I find myself a bit too tired to write a Halloween story. I am sad, as I have an idea in mind and I wanted to write my own supernatural story, like I did in the past two years. But hey... Instead, I am uploading this picture I found online, which is also an advice to cat owners, especially black cats owners. So keep them indoors. From what I read, it seems that nasty minded people, some superstitious, can be in the mood to hurt them, maybe even kill them. I love folklore when it remains this, folklore, and not a set of serious, modern beliefs. So yes, keep them indoors so you will have your home naturally spookier.