Monday, 26 December 2011

Renewing with Christmas excesses

I just checked at the time, and it is nearly 30 minutes past midnight. Where did Christmas go? I wanted to wish Merry Christmas to my readership but didn't have time. I barely had time to do anything today and I think I numbed my blogging muse with excessive eating and drinking. Well, I didn't drink all that much: one pint of beer and two glasses of red wine, but with the heavy food, the fat, sugar and alcohol mix, my brain was numb. It is still. Renewing with excesses after weeks, or months of ascetic life is always a bit of a shock. So I apologise to my fellow bloggers for not wishing them happy Christmas on the day. But I guess you were all busy and being excessive yourself. I don't know for you, but I hope my stomach and liver (especially my liver) can take it tomorrow too. I mean today. After my night of sleep, that is. Christmas is short this year, so I do hope I can be excessive for the little time I have.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas to you and your liver Guillaume:-)