Tuesday 13 December 2011

Hoping for Doomsday

Well, I am hoping for some kind of Doomasday anyway. It does not take much for Doomsday to come in winter here, as I sadly know too well. but this year, as I am stuck in England anyway, it might as well come: I want it to snow. A lot. Now that is what they have been announcing, what they are announcing now as I am typing this: severe wintery weather. It rained a lot last night, today it was warm in the morning, then it got colder during the day. There were dark clouds, heavy with... rain? Snow? I don't know, the winter storm they have been announcing, that I was hoping, never really materialised.

Maybe I am tempting Fate. Maybe I should not hope for severe weather and a real winter here. Yet, it would be darn ironic that now that I know I will spend Christmas here and there is no snow, while there was plenty last year. Maybe I just want to laugh at the way they deal with winter here, with all my Northerner's pride (arrogance?). Maybe I just want to live winter as it should be, to enjoy it as it should be: cold, windy, snowy. I enjoy more a season when it is seasonal. In any case, if Doomsday comes, I am prepared.


PJ said...

Même si j'haïs la chanson, I'm dreaming of a White Christmas itou.

The Gill-Man said...

Perhaps it's the whole being in England thing? Makes people wish for the apocalypse? Your post reminded me of the lyrics to Morrisey's "Everyday Is Like Sunday"!

"...come Armageddon, come Armegeddon, come."

Of course, I'm pretty sure he was expressing disgust at his backasswards seaside town, not pining for a snowy winter! ;-)

I dunno. I've never been to England, but I've always wanted to go. Perhaps it would have me wishing for an extinction event as well...although I'm fairly certain I'd find it charming. Then again, I don't have to live there!