Friday 2 December 2011

No sandwich treat this Friday

Last Friday, to treat myself after a rough week and a month that was ending, I had decided to treat myself with a decadent (yet healthy) sandwich in maybe the best sandwich shop in the area. Unfortunately, I couldn't do it today, even though I had wanted to treat myself in the same fashion and was looking forward to it. I actually wanted to make it a Friday tradition. But today, there were many technical problems at work, which meant that I could not work much, if at all. Now one could think that it meant that I had plenty of free time, but that was not quite the case: the little I could do, I had to do it three times slower. I had to assist a client with no resource whatsoever, which took ages. So instead of taking my lunch break at a normal time, I took it quite late in the afternoon. When I arrived at the shop, it was closing and they had nothing left. I had to walk all my way to the center town and buy something at Greggs. Not quite the same treat.

But two good things came off from this chaotic, messy, frustrating Friday. First it was a short one: I left work an hour early, when there was nothing else to do and no one to help. Secondly, before I left the closing sandwich shop, the guy behind the till, understand my angst and frustration, gave me their phone number. He told me that when I am taken at work at lunch time/opening hours and don't think I can make it there on time, I could just call so they can prepare the sandwich for me. If I cannot show up later on before closing time, they will even deliver it for me at the working place. I used to love this place, now I adore it. This is what I find a serviceable, friendly, professional service. If I ever do business in catering and open a sandwich shop, I want my shop to be like theirs.


tao.owl said...

I've wondered before "if I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, what would it be?" and I usually revert back to my favorite, paneer masala, but now that I think about it, I would be satisfied with the perfect sandwich just as well, especially if I received top notch service upon ordering.

Mozart's Girl said...

That's great service, Guillaume! It always pays, as you won't go anywhere else now will you? Good to hear. When I had my little sandwich shop, I always tried to go the extra mile for my customers & give them something special - I was very good at remembering people's favourite sandwich & would sometimes have it ready before they came through the door if i spotted them walking up the road! happy weekend - do try the apple cranberry cake, I think you'll like it! x

Guillaume said...

@Peeking through...-So many great sandwiches to choose from. And just in this shop!
@Mozart's Girl-You are right, I won't go anywhere else, not if I can avoid it. Happy weekend to you too. I will buy cranberries this Christmas and I will try your recipe.