Friday 9 December 2011

This Friday's sandwich treat

This is another post about sandwiches, more precisely about the sandwiches I have every Friday. I am turning this non event that is my Friday lunch into a food chronicle. But I discovered that I look forward to my Friday lunch almost as much as I look forward to the weekend since I discovered that sandwich shop.

So last week I couldn't enjoy my weekly sandwich. But this week I got there on time, early enough in the afternoon so the shop was still open but late enough so I could be hungry. On the menu: smoked salmon baguette, with horseradish sauce (something that has been recommended when I first ordered smoked salmon baguette), salad (lettuce, tomaties, cucumber, red onion), a bit of lemon juice, salt, pepper. On the side: salted cashew nuts. To drink: Coca Cola. So the lunch was a nice mix of predictable and unorthodox.

I will not do a critique, only make a few observations: horseradish sauce is actuallty delicious, who would have thought. After a decade in this country, I am always happily surprised to discover that the food can be so good here. I think a part of me keeps a prejudice against British food just to get it crushed by a new gastronomical discovery. The staff was friendly enough, although the guys I saw were not as outstandingly nice like the first time I went. And what a treat in the end! It has become a Friday necessity.


tao.owl said...

Salmon and horseradish, what an interesting combination, I love trying new food. Love the idea of starting a new tradition, what a treat to look forward too!

Anonymous said...

Your Friday ritual reminds me of a Friday ritual a very longtime ago when I worked for an insurance company near the stock exchange. It was also a sanwhich shop and i would collect everyone's orders and phone them through. That hour wait until they got delivered was agonising! Your shop sounds great and I wonder what you will decide on next week. Yum!