Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Will it snow?

It snowed recently in certain parts of the country, which caused the usual disruption. It has not snowed here yet, but it snowed in the Midlands and this is getting closer and closer.And it smells of snow, every day more and more. So I was longing for snow, but now I can hope that I will see some here. I want it to snow here, I don't mind the disruption this year, as it cannot really disrupt me. I just want to snuggle up in a blanket and read a book while it snows outside. And walk in it.


PJ said...

J'aimerais-tu ça avoir de la neige en décembre au Québec, comme dans le bon vieux temps. François Villon était visionnaire!

Anonymous said...

Sorrow is carved in snow.
When it melts
and the bluebells come,
the heart laments
in their joyful dance,
until the rivers
the lakes are filled
with tears
until next year
when they fall again as cold white amnesia
that buries
the broken,
the sad stories untold.


Cynthia said...

Still raining here :(