Monday 5 December 2011

Mozart to commemorate Mozart

As Mozart's Girl reminded me today (I need her to remind me as I am rubbish with remembering dates), it is the 220th anniversary of Mozart's death. As I commented on her own post, it is fitting that he died in December, as he became as a composer a Christ-like figure (and to me a much worthier Christ than Jesus, but that is for another post), with the fitting middle name of Amadeus. Wolfgang was also fitting enough, has he had something of the wildness of the animal. He died at 35, which will be my age next year. I think how little I have done so far in my life and on how much he did. He composed the greatest music, my favourite opera (maybe the greatest opera ever), he did all this and he never reached 40.

So how do one commemorate Mozart? By listening to Mozart of course. Or by singing it, which I might do tonight. I decided to put here his Kyrie from his Great Mass in C Minor (which incidentally I already put on this blog years ago) I thought the Requiem would have been too obvious.That said, I will place here the version used in the soundtrack of Amadeus. I may never sing the role of Don Giovanni on stage, but I do hope that I will play the character Salieri one day.

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Mozart's Girl said...

Ah wonderful to hear this. Written for his beloved Constanze to sing...I hope she did it justice! We are united in our love for the greatest composer ever...have a good evening x Rachel