Friday, 23 December 2011

Deserted trains

I was back home early from work today: I only had half a day. So I am officially on holiday now, for four days. I feel less like Bob Cratchit. It is the very first time today in, well forever, that I was going to work on the 23, so close to Christmas. It didn't look like Christmas, what with the heavy rain and the way too warm weather, but something struck me in the morning commute and the way back: the train was almost empty. The few other people travelling seemed to be going somewhere else than their working places, in fact I was the only one leaving and waiting at my stop. I enjoyed the train journey a lot because of this: I was excited to leave work early and go home, obviously, but there is something less oppressive about deserted trains.


PJ said...

Les trains déserts sont des lieux mystérieux et fascinants. Ils vont de pair avec les trains fantômes (ou remplis de...). Bon congé de Noël!

Anonymous said...

That sardine in a tin or train feeling. I know what you mean. I love the city emptying in the holidays. It's like all the stress and time is money energy leaves for the seaside too. It is glorious, the only time I like the city, or should I say, dislike it less.