Sunday, 4 December 2011

Midnight atmosphere

I stayed up late last night, very late even for a Saturday. I also stayed in, believe it or not. I guess I wanted to be a night owl again, or I felt compelled to get back to my normal, nocturnal self again. Or maybe it was the Coca Cola I had in the late evening, I don't know.

But I rediscovered how night life, even from the inside is so atmospheric. New York is called the city that never sleeps, but this is true of many big cities, and also small town and even villages. The cats fighting, the cars screeching, people walking in the street, it was all heightened by the time of night. A December night is often quieter, but the noises you hear just sound more, they are more perceptible. I was reading a crime novel (this one) set in Washington D.C. It enhanced the experience.I think that's why many artists work better at night.


PJ said...

Petit conseil: mieux vaut ne pas mettre les pieds dehors la nuit à Washington DC, surtout lorsqu'on s'éloigne du quadrilatère entre le congrès et la maison blanche.

Guillaume said...

Je sais, j'ai lu Pelecanos.