Saturday, 17 December 2011

An image of Bergamo

I have an Italian friend (well, the Italian friend I mention here) who is from Bergamo, which I visited. I have seen little of Italy, which is ironic as I have known many Italians. But anyway, I did see Bergamo extensively and I was lucky enough to see it with locals. I found it a much nicer place than the overrated Milan. My friend published recently on Facebook an article from the New York Times about the city. I read this with a strange feeling, as I have known Bergamo maybe not as an insider, but certainly without the same foreign feeling tourists have when they visit a place. My friend thought it was strange to see her home place as an exotic location. I don't really remember the names of the tourist attractions, I just remember, but vividly, being there. I am of two minds about the effect the article may have. I love this underrated city to be recognised, but I don't want it to become plagued by tourists. Tourists can stay in Milan. Bergamo I hope remains more than an image on a postcard.

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