Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas is coming

...the goose is getting fat, as the old song says. I never had goose for Christmas, only turkey (and in more recent some veggie/vegan substitute). It is the first day of Advent today, as I already blogged in French. First day of December too. I kick-started the month and the Season with a very profane Christmas pic, I will carry on with one of the first English Christmas song I knew, something that is semi-profane. I grew up with Harry Belafonte singing it, in what remains one of my favourite Christmas records. I didn't understand anything about the song, I just loved the voice and the music. And well, since Christmas is coming, I thought it would fit to upload here a Christmas song which is not so much about Christmas day itself that the whole spirit of the holidays, also of the general feeling of trepidation one gets into when Christmas is coming. It shows the better nature of the Season, both festive and generous. Sure, there is an allusion to God, but hey, I don't mind the old man too much when I get in the spirit. You can read about my feelings and opinions about Christmas here and here (two posts I am quite proud about). I will blog more about Christmas, obviously, put more pics and carols and I will try to be original. Until then, well, Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, be generous, be giving, be merry.


tao.owl said...

I have never heard this before and I am thoroughly enjoying, thanks for sharing!

Mantan Calaveras said...

Aye, aye, the old carols are the best, and this is a good 'un.

PJ said...

Ah, l'oie, l'oiseau de prédilection du réveillon (ou du souper du 25, chez les anglais) avant la découverte de la dinde en Amérique (comme la citrouille, la patate et la tomate, tous adoptés largement depuis). Faudrait s'en faire un de ces quatres, histoire d'essayer. Mais pas le 24. Peut-être entre Noël et le jour de l'an. Sais-tu, c'est peut-être pas une mauvaise idée si je fais mon souper cette année.