Friday, 16 December 2011

The sandwich for this Friday

The Apocalypse didn't show up in the end. Not yet anyway. But there was for the first time a hint of snow. Big flakes at some point, which didn't stay on the ground. It felt good. And for lunch, I had my Friday treat: the sandwich from my favourite sandwich shop. I hope my readership does not mind sandwich posts, because yes, this is another one.

I had it, as usual, with Coca Cola and cashew nuts. I was in the mood for something heartier. So today I had a beef slices baguette with fried onions, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives and a bit of mustard/mayonnaise. I rediscovered how much they work for their customers: the man who worked at the till (the same who had given me their phone number when I couldn't get there before closing time) suggested the fried onions and beef, he also had the brilliant idea to mix English mustard and mayonnaise to soften the taste of mustard. I love all mustards see, exceptEnglish mustard because it is surprisingly too strong. So he had this idea of mixing it with mayonnaise. Half and half. It tasted delicious.

I enjoyed my lunch a lot, but the beef was a bit too rough by moments. So far it was my least enjoyable sandwich. So next time I will probably go for something safe, the salmon baguette. The service was still beyond reproach, in fact admirable. I am looking forward for my next Friday lunch, for the food as much as the place.

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tao.owl said...

My husband would love that sandwich, minus the olives. Sounds yummy!