Thursday, 29 December 2011

Home early

As there was little to do at work and I did not take my lunch break while my colleagues were feasting at the pub (since there was little to do, yet I was suddenyl busy), I was allowed to go home early. Two hours early. I am glad as I was tired. I am getting used to the empty, or almost empty trains. Of half empty offices, not so much: I feel like I am in a morgue and I am one of the corpses. I do feel zombie, getting in and out of the place. Less work to do is not less exhausting. I do feel the post-Christmas blues still/already and I wonder why I was not allowed to take holidays if there was so litle to do.


suzanne said...

My workplace is the same. No December vacations allowed, yet not very busy. Odd.

Anonymous said...

Well maybe the next holiday you take, everyone else will be stuck at the office and that is a nice sort of feeling in it self. I always feel sorry for nurses, doctors, policemen etc that must work over the holidays. Life goes on and takes no notice of Christmas or New year.