Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Blue Wednesday? (And early post-Christmas blues)

Today I was back to work, after the shortest Christmas holidays I ever had in my life. There is alledgedly such a thing as a Blue Monday, the most dreadful day of the year, which I blogged about before. Going to work reluctantly today, I was wondering if there wasn't a Blue Wednesday. I am still not sure whether my day was good or bad.

It was certainly exhausting. I was overworked all day in a still sleepy and half empty office. And confort food wise, it was sorely disappointing: my favourite sandwich shop was still closed, so were many others, so I had to go to a convenience store to buy an overpriced but disgusting sandwich for lunch. I didn't have time to buy my morning hot chocolate at Café2U. At least I had a biscotti again, which somewhat cheered me up. I think most people, heck, the whole Western world, are still running on holiday mode, so the working people like me are out of phase. The trains are still running on holiday schedule, so I arrived to work late... On the plus side, like last Friday, the trains were almost empty. And the later train coming gave me plenty of time to read. But overall I felt that the Christmas holidays were too short. I know we have New Year soon (and then I have at least something to look forward to), but for me when new year comes, Christmas, the heart of the holidays and the part that I enjoy most, is already gone. So I already feel the post-Christmas blues.


tao.owl said...

Sorry to hear that you had a crappy day too. Tomorrow will be better as it is one day closer to the weekend and one day closer to your special day :-)

Anonymous said...

I hope Thursday wasn't too black, and most importantly you had your hot chocolate:-)

Guillaume said...

Ooooohhh, spammers! It was a pleasure to delete you.
@Tao.owl-Thank you. My day was not crappy, just not really nice.
@Anonymous-I did have hot chocolate, thank you, which certainly brightened it. It was more like dark grey than black.

The Gill-Man said...

Being one of the unfortunates that had to return to work myself, I feel your pain! This week has just been...odd. Not really depressing, per se, but a bit off. The world seems out of sync, or, rather, I do. Hopefully, this strange feeling will soon pass.