Tuesday 12 June 2012

Craving banana cookies

I discovered, at total random, that among many recipes my dad shared with us via Dropbox (where I now get more and more of my pictures for this blog), there was also a number of pictures of things he baked over the years. I mean a massive load of pictures. Many of me or my brothers as children too. So soon I think this blog will be covered with many more pictures of my past. And pictures of food (although I will try to avoid turning this blog into a food blog).

So anyway, tonight my attention went onto this picture. They are banana cookies, or "galettes aux bananes" as we call them. Recipe from the mother of my oldest childhood friend. it tastes more like banana bread than cookies, really, like all "galettes" in Quebec they are reall small cakes. They are delicious. Looking at the picture, I could feel the taste in my mouth. I cannot remember when I last had them. I usually crave molasse cookies, or those with raisins we had, or the one with the maple syrup icing. I haven't seen pictures of these ones yet. But some banana cookies would be great comfort food tonight.

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