Wednesday 27 June 2012

Wednesday treats

Wednesday is maybe the day I like least in a week. it is too... Too much in the middle of the week. It often feels bland, whatever the weather is, however busy or not I am at work. I treated myself today: right after lunch I bought a brownie from Café2U. I hadn't done such a thing in a while, mainly because I am always buried in work when the van comes (and it comes less and less these days). There was barely anything left in the van, but there was this brownie which was absolutely yum. I was glad I could buy something from the van, just because I think they are struggling. Which is sad, as every time I eat or drink something from them it is always enjoyable.

And tonight, I had as dessert blueberries. It is not quite the right season for them, not from my experience anyway. Where I come from, it starts at the end of July. Blueberries are a treat for many reasons: they are light enough for an evening treat, they are full of goodness, antioxidant and what have you, but they are also, and maybe it matters more than anything else, the emblematic fruit of my region. I blogged about it before. Anyway, it is fitting that a Blueberry eats blueberries.


VioletSky said...

A friend and I once had plans to open up a mobile coffee ruck with just a few light snacks. There were far too many restrictions to make it worthwhile and we realized we would probably lose too much money before being able to turn a profit. For some reason the municipal governments here think enterprise an evil thing.

Guillaume said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by again! I think coffee or food vans are a tricky business: they need good supplies, quality food, they have to build a customer base in a highly competitive and even more volatile market, not to mention the red tapes they have to go through. Café2U was coming every other day, morning and afternoon. I used to buy my breakfast from them, when I had time. Then I got busy and had less time to see them. And the novelty wore off I guess because they had less and less customers. And now they barely have anything. Sad really.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i love that you are called blueberries! it is so much better than what some people are called! i have always wanted to have a food van!