Saturday 9 June 2012

Longing to read outside

The last time I read outside was two weeks ago. It was also the first time of 2012 when I properly read outside, not counting those few minutes where I read at a train station. It is one of the pleasures of summertime I prefer, one of the few that depends only of a sunny weather. And of a book. But the weather, after two weeks ago, became quite nasty. So I haven't read outside since then. Today would have been fine, sunny and warm enough, but there were workers busy taking away the tree that had been struck down by the wind. One needs a space, but also a relatively quiet environment.


Yves said...


Cynthia said...

Je rêve de mon balcon pour pouvoir lire dehors pendant toute la belle saison :)

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping today all the elements combine favouribly to allow you to read outdoors. Fingers crossed!