Tuesday 5 June 2012

I miss (most of) Springwatch

There is Springwatch on the BBC since the end of May. I have been watching it, but episodically and rarely a whole episode. I barely noticed it was back. There are reasons for it: I love British wildlife, but I much prefer it in autumn, so I am a more eager viewer of the brother show, Autumnwatch. I also think that starting the Spring season in late May is, well, late. Springtime is almost over with and it is practically summer. I had the same issue with Autumnwatch in 2007, which had started in November. it is just a bit too late to get into it properly. I still enjoy watching clips of it. And I still believe the team is doing a great work educating the public about animal life and environmental issues. I almost feel bad not watching it much. There is so much rubbish on TV, after all.

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