Monday 25 June 2012

The long day wanes

The title of this post is taken after the title of The Malayan Trilogy. It is taken after a poem of Tennyson (never read it/him). I might use a great title for a trivial post but... well, it's a great title.And it fits the topic. We are juuuust after the Summer solstice, which I mentioned here. The days are long, daylights start to be seen as early as before 4 o'clock and night falls only at around 10. As I am writing this, it is pass 9 o'clock and it is still light outside.

I am not quite used to it. I find daylights exhausting. They make it difficult to sleep and I never sleep easily. I am a night owl and summer is not a season I get used to, because around this time there is so little of night in a day. So I look at the long day waning. When it is sunny outside, like it is now, it is beautiful, even if I find it tiresome sometimes.

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Cynthia said...

In Paris we don't get much sun in the morning and it throws my internal clock way, way off.