Friday 22 June 2012

More dark humour

I could have titled this post "lavatory humour", but that may have turned people off reading it, although technically it is about lavatory humour. It is a sort of follow up to this one. I read/play Dracula's Castle. It might seem like a strange summery read, but it is not a very warm summer. Anyway, the book has plenty of humour of the dark kind. I mentioned it before. At some point, Count Dracula (played by the reader), adventures in the lavatory (I know, I know: not very dignified for a vampire, especially the Prince of Darkness himself) and reads the graffitis on the wall. It serves nothing in the purpose of the adventure, but there are some really good lines there. It gave me a good chuckle, in any case. I particularly like this one: "Mary had a little lamb... with mint sauce." The song was the first one I learned to play with a recorder. Here it is twisted into something very sinister. Anyway, good or bad, I decided to immortalise the jokes on this blog. Tell me what you think of them.


Anonymous said...

I always has a suspicion that was how Mary's lamb ended up:-) Thsnks for the laugh.

Guillaume said...

I never ever thought the lamb would be served at dinner for Mary, but it makes sense.

tao.owl said...

These are great, I especially love the "Government Health Warning", and in my opinion, you really can't go wrong with lavatory humour.