Wednesday 20 June 2012

A long Wednesday

I stayed one hour longer at work today, because there was so much work to do. I was actually asked to stay because it was going to be a busy day. But in exchange, I will have an hour less to do on Friday. I prefer to work less on Friday anyway. My Wednesday was long, but I didn't have time to get bored so the day flew by. Still, I was among the last ones to leave. The cleaning people had already started hoovering, so I said to one of my colleagues: "You know it is time to leave when you hear the hoover." I think it is a great unknown line. In a restaurant, it is when the chef starts watering the plants (true story).

On my way back, when I took the train, it was half empty. It was a different feeling, more relaxing in a way, even though I was leaving work much later. It surprised me, actually: I actually enjoyed this longer Wednesday much more than many of the shorter ones. At the station, there was a warm breeze and the air was just moist enough. It was the Summer solstice today, the first official day of Summer. Maybe this is why it felt all right. I am tired, but not in a bad way.


The Gill-Man said...

If I had a choice, I'd always work a little longer during the week in exchange for getting some time off of it on Friday! I worked, very briefly, on a 4/10 schedule. I loved it, because I had Friday, Saturday & Sunday off! It was worth the extra two hours on Monday - Thurs! Plus, like you said, the ride home isn't nearly as crowded and hectic!

Guillaume said...

Hey, welcome back! I think I could accomodate myself of an extra hour every day if I could have a shorter Friday, or better still, a free Friday. Having Mondays off is not really worth it: it always feels like a Monday.