Monday 11 June 2012

Is it really June? I mean really?

I know, I know, I blog about the weather again. I am turning into a British man. But the temperature sucks! I rarely complain about it, but now I do because it was a cold, dreary Monday and it felt like it every minute of it. When I arrived at work this morning one of my colleagues said: "Don't you think it is a lovely day for November?". At least it made me laugh, and it deserves to be listed here as a great unknown line. I promise I will blog about something else. I just needed to rant about it a bit. This post is cathartic.


PJ said...

C'est la grosse chaleur ici (trop récent pour appeler ça une canicule, ça prend au moins trois jours je pense). Il fait chaud pas un petit peu. Sans mon air climatisé, je serais cuit.

Cynthia said...

Pff, moi qui me disais que je ne pourrais jamais vivre en Angleterre à cause du climat ... c'est pas mieux à Paris!

The Gill-Man said...

Consider yourself fortunate, my friend! The heat index here is around 104!! It's hotter than H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks here in Houston!!!

Guillaume said...

@PJ-J'ai peine à imaginer.
@Cynthia-Je crois que c'est un signe de l'Apocalypse. Au moins je me console en disant que ce n'est pas seulement circonscrit à l'Angleterre.
@The Gill-Man-Hey thanks for commenting again on my blog, welcome back! I am not much into hot temperatures, as you know I am an autumnal man. But I wouldn't mind warmer than what I have now. Houston, we have a problem! (Sorry for the bad pun).