Saturday 16 June 2012

More grilled cheese sandwiches

It is becoming my weekend lunch treat: the grilled cheese sandwich, which I try to modify and make more and more decadent. Two weeks ago, I had added mustard to it (more explanations on the post). Now today, because of the comments of my readers, I had decided to add some meat to it. A lot of people add ham to it, but I hate, hate, hate ham. So instead, I added chorizo slices to the mix. So that was today's take on it: two slices mature cheddar cheese, chorizo (all this and the bread from Marks & Spencer), authentic American mustard (ironically branded French's, but it is still an authentic American brand), Marks & Spencer's Cola on the side. I don't know it tastes so good, but it does.


Cynthia said...

The only alteration that can be decently made to such a god-given receipe is to add bacon!

Guillaume said...

Le bacon en Angleterre, je ne l'aime pas beaucoup, en général.