Friday 29 June 2012

The ophidian head of orchids

This picture was taken at the Botanical Garden of Montreal. It is of an orchid, I don't know which one. I mentioned it before: my father grows orchids. That is his flowers. I mentioned it here. I find orchids beautiful, but in a sinister way. I think they look somewhat ophidian and spider-like. Those look like ophidian, like a bunch of tangled snakes with leopard coloured scales. They just struck me, they look dangerous, even lethal.


Anonymous said...

I used to feel that way about orchids, I never cared for them much, although I appreciate that they are beautiful. But then I went to Thailand and saw orchids in their natural setting, and my attitude towards them completely changed. Perhaps it is because I had only seen them outside of context before. Seeing them in their lush natural environment they seemed like another plant completely.

Guillaume said...

I saw some in their natural environment, but in France. In Thailand it must be quite a spectacle.

Anonymous said...

District offices here are insane