Wednesday 6 June 2012

Vampire corpses found in Bulgaria

Picture taken from this book, showing Dracula decomposing after being stabbed. It's not a very good picture, but it fits the topic. I hope this arresting title will draw the attention of my fellow horror fans. Tonight I am feeling very much like an undead myself, being very tired after an exhausting day of work. So anyway, I read this bit of news about two vampire bodies found in Bulgaria. I have little to say, only that I had pleasant shivers reading it. Archeology is a fun discipline when you discover something like this. Had I been a child, I think I would have believed in vampires just reading this news. It gives an interesting insights about mankind's superstitions, makes old vampire stories a little bit more palatable. Cool. (And, for the record, I never believed in vampires. It's one of the few superstitions I never bought into. But I love them as monsters.)


Cynthia said...

I've been to Sozopol where they've found the bodies, it's really a nice place.I don't think there are any modern vampires going around as I haven't seen any ;)

Guillaume said...

La Bulgarie c'est moins dans mes choix de vacances. La Roumanie plus, avec bien sûr un long détour vers la Transylvanie (même si elle n'a rien à voir avec celle décrite dans le roman de Stoker).

Anonymous said...

Great for tourism me thinks:-)