Monday 18 June 2012

Monday miseries and solace

Today when I went to work, the train was late. By 40 minutes, or thereabout, because of a derailment. It happens sometimes, it usually becomes blogging material (like here, or here). Sometimes I hope they run late. Not this time. I ended up having a very busy, very exhausting day. I was tired. And exhausted. On Monday, of all days, especially in a busy time of year, I cannot afford to get to work late.

That said, I did manage to find some consolation throughout the day. I read a good bit in the train and waiting at the station, which I usually have little time to do. I love reading in trains and train stations. And when I finally went to work, I discovered that one of my colleagues had made a chocolate and... beetroot cake, which was absolutely delicious. It is an unusual mix, but I was not surprised to the slightest: beetroots produce a lot of sugar. I helped myself three times, once with my breakfast and twice after lunch, but I think I had earned it. With a nice cup of tea, it is quite a treat. So my Monday was mainly made of pain and suffering, but at least I learned the existence of a new variety of chocolate cake that was yummy. And I read.


Louise said...

Mmmmmmmh! Chocolat et betteraves! La bonne idée toi!

Guillaume said...

C'est une excellente idée en effet. Mais ce n'est pas étonnant.