Tuesday, 29 January 2019


Today, various weather channels sent an alert for snow, which in this country means an inch or less that will disturb transport and commuting. Snow was meant to start falling from 9:00PM tonight until tomorrow morning, which means a severely disturbed commute to work tomorrow.  I am typing this, there is no snow falling whatsoever. I was actually looking forward to it, as it meant going to work later through no fault of my own. That said, snow is forecast in the coming days, the question is when. If it falls during the day, I risk being stranded in the town where I work, as public transport deals badly with snow. Last week, it took me two hours to get home, and I had to find a taxi, as all buses had been cancelled. So people are looking at the sky with an expression of gloom and doom. As if soon, it will be Snowpocalypse. It might be, and I won't mind, as long as it starts when I am home.

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