Friday, 25 January 2019

First friendship

It seems that Wolfie has now his first true and best friend. By this I mean someone he is really fond of and who is his age. Wolfie has a number of children he is fond of, whether it is Blonde Tickler or the children of my wife's friends, but they are a few years older than him. The one I am talking about was born two months after him. He is the son my my wife's childhood friend, incidentally her very best friend, or at least her best friend when she was a child. She is the one who lives in Derbyshire. They got pregnant at the same time. Wolfie met him only three times, but they already know each other's name. Let's call this boy Uber. After their last meeting, Wolfie said "Uber friend" and he wanted to draw a picture for him or of him, I am not certain, but he was adamant that he wanted to draw. Whenever my wife tells him they are going back to the farm they met Uber and his mummy, Wolfie smiles, says enthusiastically "Uber! Uber!", then has the saddest pout when he is told that Uber won't be there. it is heartbreaking to see the disappointment on his face.

And apparently, it is the same with Uber: when his mother told him they would meet a young boy named Pete at one of his activity groups, Uber said: "No Pete, Wolfie!" And he asked about our son as soon as he got there. Later, when Uber's father asked him who did he meet at the group, Uber replied: "Not Wolfie!". He spontaneously asks about Wolfie every time his mother tells him they are going out, or she asks him who to invite, our son is mentioned. It is so sweet witnessing it, and knowing that this is a second generation friendship. So we think our next family holiday will be in Derbyshire.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, so darn cute! I hope they become even better and better friends as they grow up together!

Veggie Carrie said...

So sad that they live so far apart ☹️