Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Tea at the office

One of the daily routine we all have at the office, just like in every office, or indeed every working place in this country, is to drink a good dose of tea every day. I generally drink three cuppas a day, sometimes more, and I am not the one who drinks the most. It is a simple ritual: someone puts the kettle on, offers tea to the others around, the others all accept (or most of them), repeat for every employee. We are a small office, so it is kind of expected. I am not the most sociable man, but in this instance I became almost civilized and I now know how to serve tea according to each taste. It goes as follow:

-The boss: with a dash of milk.
-The lady from HR: with a lot of milk, it becomes borderline beige.
-The male colleague I get along with: with a dash of milk, skimmed.
-The female colleague always on the road and thus not often at the office: with somewhat more milk than the boss, but less than the HR lady.
-Me: very black of course. No milk as this is barbaric.

It might sound very boring, but I think it reveals something about their character. And I haven't given details about the mugs. Anyway, how do you people have your tea?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I take my tea clear -- no milk, no sugar. I too regard milk in tea as barbaric. But if there's a slice of lemon hanging around, I have been known to allow that into my cup, especially if I am drinking darjeeling.

PJ said...

Loose leaf tea (tea bags are barbaric), no additive, have not yet gone gongfu style.