Saturday, 5 January 2019

Five books to find

The things I sometimes get myself into! A Facebook friend of mine, the cousin of my wife, who is also the mother of my wife's goddaughter (long story short for context), published this post:

"To start the year on a high note, the first FIVE people to comment on this post will receive a book sometime this year - But, only the first five.
The book will be chosen specially for the person that will receive it. And I will decide how and when the book is delivered. Perhaps I will invite you out for coffee, perhaps I will send it via post.
The only stipulation is that you post this challenge to your wall, offering five books to five people. They don’t have to be new books or your books. Just books selected for each individual.
Let’s promote reading in 2019!

Guess who was the first one to comment on it? Nobody has yet commented on my Wall, but this means I might have to find five books to some of my friend. I decided to go ahead with this for two reasons: 1)we don't see my wife's and her children often enough and I thought this was a good excuse as any to set up a meeting, 2)I think it is important to promote literature, and 3)I am sometimes a bit fast to react on social media. But as I said, literature must be promoted, so I am happy to do my share, five books at a time.