Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Haunted pub?

This is tonight's countdown to Halloween post. I took this picture of the pub by the train station when I was walking back home, straight off the train. I took it first because I thought it looked like a beautiful autumnal picture, then because I thought about yesterday's countdown to Halloween post. And I remembered, as I mentioned here, that I suspected that it was the setting of a ghost story of E. Nesbit. I have little evidence, almost none, that it served as the setting, but one clue in the text at least made me think it could have served as inspiration. The pub used to be the hotel station, back when trains were coming and going from and to everywhere here. Strange, as the first time I came here, I stopped at the pub and thought this would be such a great setting for a scary story. Anyway, enough teasing, as Halloween is round the corner, I would invite you to read Number 17. It is public domain in Canada, I don't know where else. Or buy this book. I have been plugging Edith Nesbit very often these days, but she is worth discovering. Anyway, is the pub haunted, like the hotel before? I don't think so. There is by the way an amusing twist about the nature of the ghost in Number 17 which makes it worth a read in itself. All the same, it is rather pleasant to imagine such a place haunted.

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suzanne said...

Interesting. And a nicely atmospheric shot.