Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A time for werewolves

Quick countdown to Halloween post, even though I blogged tonight already. This picture was taken from All About Monsters, which I blogged about here. Not my usual read for the weeks leading to Halloween: as a child, it was this book of the same collection I was reading around Halloween time. But I always loved this particular image from All About Monsters. Influenced by old horror movies more than the folklore, this werewolf, all furry, with strong fangs and a mouth dripping with blood, was very scary. Anyway, it is the full moon tonight and it is very bright right now. So it is a time for werewolves. Just in case you wanted to enjoy a walk in the night.

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The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Your post just reminded me of something...2 nights ago, we heard the scariest sounding 'thing' we've ever heard out in the darkness by our house. It sounded like a man at first, but then it had a low growl, that morphed and escalated to a panting type of loud moan that sounded as though whatever it was, might have been wounded. Then it would go silent for a few minutes before starting up again, but farther away in the distance and darkness. None of us have EVER heard anything like it before, nor did it sound like anything of this world. In fact, I thought it sounded almost demonic, and it was really really creepy...gave me the heebie jeebies! So although I would love to go out and photograph this latest 'full moon /blood moon' like I did by myself in the middle of the night on the last blood moon...there is NO WAY I'm brave enough to go back out there now after hearing that 'thing' in the darkness...and it was loud too. Who knows...maybe it was a 'Werewolf' of sorts, just like in your picture....eeeegads! Yes...Halloween is definitely a good time for werewolves, especially on a blood moon! :o)