Wednesday 12 June 2013

The Detective Tales cover for June

Well, it is this time again, when I upload in Vraie Fiction an old pulp cover from Detective Tales. Here is one that I hope screams June and summertime. It does not feel or look like summertime outside, at least I can make this blog looks like a summery read. So this is the Detective Tales cover from June 1938. It is dark and dramatic. And it is set on a boat. The hero, maybe (probably?) a private eye, is gunning at an unknown threat, while the heroin in the very red is at the center of the frame, going down a scale to join him, as a villain who is also a sailor man has his knife ready to stab her. Both the hero and the damsel in distress have clothes partly shredded. My idea: the boat in question belongs to smugglers, the two protagonists came on the ship uninvited, they got in a bit of trouble earlier, they may have become prisoners and they are now not only trying to escape, but to take control of the ship and make it change course. I would read a story like this one by the swimming pool.

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