Tuesday 18 June 2013

Pirates of today and yesteryear

Summertime is not quite coming, nevertheless, I have decided to read something that would be appropriate for summer. Which means mainly crime fiction. Violent, nasty crime fiction. I had not read the prolific Elmore Leonard in a long while, I have decided to read (one of?) his latest: Djibouti. I chose this one for a number of reasons. Among them, I was curious about such a contemporary novel, set in a contemporary time, with contemporary issues and background, written by... a 85 year old writer. I also chose to read this novel because it is about pirates. Modern day pirates. And I LOVE pirate stories, which I think go hand in hand with summertime. I used to play pirates a lot as a child, during summer. They were the traditional ones of folklore of course, but sometimes we did have make belief games that were modern high sea adventures too.

I also borrowed from the library a book about the history of piracy, from antiquity to today. I intend to blog more about it another day. So expect to see and read about pirates a lot on Vraie Fiction. I am very jealous of Elmore Leonard. Not only because he is a great crime writer (and remaining great as a prolific one!), but because he managed to be original again. One of my dreams was to write a book about contemporary pirates. And Elmore Leonard just did it! I envy him, but I will still enjoy the novel. Of course I will, it is about pirates.

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