Friday 28 June 2013

The chips and mayonnaise at the Talbot

Following my Friday post of two weeks ago, I wanted to plug another pub and pub food I particularly enjoyed. An idea quickly came to my mind, however here is the problem: the pub is now closed. I don't know since when, I had not been there in a long, long, long while. I am talking about the Talbot in Windsor. I used to eat there on the last day of school with my then colleagues, when I was working at a school in Windsor. A job I ended up hating and which left me quite bitter. But before holidays, we had late lunch at the Talbot and it was delicious. Especially the chips, very tasty, and the mayonnaise to go with them, which was mixed with curry. They tasted very much like the ones from Eurosnack in Montreal. Another deceased restaurant. Such a loss.


Louise said...

Chips, veut dire frites, non? Mayonnaise à saveur de curry! Mumhh!
Ça l'a l'air bon!

Anonymous said...

that does sound good! Yummy!