Thursday 27 June 2013

New noir painting

I did not upload a painting of Fabian Perez in ages and thought I would do it tonight, just for fun. And because it feels like the right time to upload a painting of Fabian Perez on Vraie Fiction. I cannot afford to buy his work, I do not sell it (it wouldn't be my dream job, but that would come pretty close to it). As I mentioned it on my first post on Perez, the universe he paints is often very much like the one of old fashioned, hard-boiled crime fiction, filled with violence and sensuality, femmes fatales (I need to upload one of his femmes fatales one day), dark, smoky places. This painting is titled Smoking Man. And you can see on it, well, a man litting a cigaret or a cigar (cigarillo?) with an almost empty glass of wine next to him. I don't find smoking glamorous, for the record. But he does manage to make it look glamorous, and to give the man an aura of danger. Whatever he is, gangster or adventurer, he knows his business, he is the strong, silent type. This may be a stereotypical portrait, it is still a powerful one.