Friday 7 June 2013

Edward Hopper and me

My cousin Samuel (who is also incidentally a writer) tagged my name on Facebook on... a painting by Edward Hopper.The painting which you can see at your left. I have no idea why, all of sudden I had received a message saying I had been tagged, I looked at the picture and it was this painting. I had to ask from which artist it was. And I knew, still know nothing about Hopper. According to the tag, I am either the man with his back to front window, or the invisible man outside looking at him. The blonde has been tagged as Sam's stepmother (!). I have no idea if this has any deep or trivial artistic meaning. I love the painting. I guess my counsin knows my tastes well. He does read this blog. I love the old fashioned, simple feel of the painting. And now I need to learn more about Edward Hopper. After all, he might have painted me.

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PJ said...

C'est un tableau célèbre, qui reste fascinant pour une raison qui m'échappe.