Wednesday 5 June 2013

Signs of summertime

I mentioned before a former colleague of mine, who quit the job she had to travel round the world for a few months and with whom I share my daily commute. A few days ago, she told me that she is planning to travel again in a few months. She said: "I want to go somewhere where there are seasons." I thought it was funny, funny enough in fact to make it a great unknown line. We haven't had much seasonal changes in England in the last few years, not during summertime anyway. That said, it is a very unfair comment this year, as there are signs that summer is finally arriving in England, after a muddled up, cold Spring:

-It is sunny and warm.
-In fact, it is warm enough for me to wear short sleeves shirts, for the first time since August 2012. Early August 2012.
-It smells of barbecue in the air. Ah! The smell of barbecue!
-The grass has been cut on every lawn. And it smells of cut grass everywhere.
-There's bugs and insects everywhere.

The only thing really missing is a summer storm, but I will obviously blog about it when it happens.

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The Gill-Man said...

Here in Houston, we're already hitting the 90's! Summer is upon us, and I do believe it will be a hot one