Monday 24 June 2013

London for an expat

I went to London today, I came back a few hours ago. Incidentally, it is today Quebec's National Day, St John the Baptist's Day. It was a strange feeling, being in London for the 24th of June and away from Quebec on that day for the seventh year in a row. I have a conflictual relationship with London, a city I used to love, then I got fed up with it. It was the last place I would like to be on this day, the capital city of the British invader. Yet, for some odd reason, it kind of made sense when I got there. There was no Fleurdelisé, no Quebec music to listen to, no special event anywhere to celebrate. Yet I felt very much like a Quebeckers. I heard Quebec voices, I even managed to wish and be wished a happy National Day, in French. And for the music, well, I sang a bit walking in London (this song especially). Of course, it did not feel home, but maybe this is the best way to celebrate St John the Baptist's Day: as an expat, away from the big party and the dilution of the day in drunkenness.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope you shook your fist in the general direction of the British Parliament and Buckingham Palace.

Guillaume said...

Well, one can forgive my patriotism at least one day in a year. For my republicanism, I will never apologize;-)