Monday 25 November 2013

Winter trains

This picture was taken a while ago in my local DIY store, which is incidentally one of my favourite shops here, because of the model train they have. I barely bought anything there, but I love it all the same because of the model trains and station and station hotel. The miniature anyway. You can find the other two pictures here and here. I am blogging about it for two reasons: I kind of miss the electric train my family has and my train journeys going to and back from work have been longer these days. Or rather, the waiting time for the trains to arrive is always longer. The train seems to be always late these days, only of a few minutes, nothing to notice, but still. It seems that there are always some people working on the railway, as if the sudden drop of temperature and beginning of winter (an English winter, which means it can be cold, but mostly devoid of snow) had made the tracks tricky and the trains less reliable.

I love train journeys, big and small. I can get impatient when I am tired, want them to end soon, but I rarely ever got bored by them. It is maybe the best mean of transport to enjoy the scenery. And as it is looking more and more like winter, it makes the scenery even more beautiful. Even English winters have charm. They lack snow. they can nevertheless get frosty. The delays themselves are not entirely devoid of charm, as they are short enough. I bond with the cold temperature, remember that I come from a country and a culture that knows far worse colds than here and when the train finally arrives, I enjoy its warmth even more.

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