Thursday, 14 November 2013

Winter is Coming

Well, it certainly feels like it. I have heard it is snowing in Québec, but not here sadly. That said, here it is cold. It goes below zero in the night and although mornings can get mild, temperatures go down in the afternoon very quickly. So I am getting in a winter mood (which means I long for snow, but I am not thinking too much of Christmas yet). I discovered recently, thanks to a colleague to whom I borrowed the first two seasons in exchange of season 2 of The Wire, the TV series Game of Thrones. And thus I discovered the motto of House Stark, which is "Winter is Coming". I am well into the second season now, I find it quite addictive. And I find it fitting in many ways to watch this when winter is indeed coming. It also sort of makes me miss a bit less playing Dungeons & Dragons, something I used to do a lot in winter. In a way, Games of Thrones is the kind of TV series I wished existed when I was younger, it has enough drama, action and larger than life characters AND a medieval fantasy setting on top of that to make me survive winter. And inspired me for D&Dr. So anyway here is the opening credits, which I uploaded here just for kicks.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I haven't watched Game of Thrones but I'm sure I'll get around to it some day. I hear it's very violent.

Mantan Calaveras said...

Yeah, with the sun going down around 4pm, and me getting up around 2pm, it's feeling like early winter. Oh well. I was listening to the Coventry Carol the other night, and thinking about a short winter-themed animation that I'd like to do using the song. Despite growing up atheist, my feelings about the xmasy season tend towards the medieval.

I haven't watched much of game of thrones. I don't care much for those night time genre soap operas. They feel really formulaic to me, and they tend to have really weak stories propped up with a lot of portentousness.

Though I know GOT is based on an actual series of books, so I expect the author does legitimately have something to say with it, heh heh.

I'm just thinking of that terrible remake of The Prisoner that AMC did. Bleh! Ha ha.

Cynthia said...

I've tried to watch Game of Thrones but it's way too brutal for me :(

Guillaume said...

Thanks all for commenting.
@Debra and Cynthia-It is very violent, and that's part of the fun.
@Mantan-Hey I am a big fan of the original Prisoner! And Coventry Carol is one of my favorite Christmas carols. I have a Medieval attitude towards Christmas too, Pagan even.

Guillaume said...

Oh and about Game of Thrones, it may seem sometimes a bit soap opera-ish, but the political intrigues and violence allows it to never fall completely into a soap.

psyconym said...

Hello there, a long time no comment or blogging. I have just returned from China! I have watched all of A Game of Thrones and really enjoyed it..despite the violence. I am usually a total I am not sure what made me able to deal with the numerous moments of blood letting. I think I was most interested in the themes around power and the abuse of power...the concept of 'the game'. In the game of thrones you either win or you are killed, and anyone honourable and virtuous or heoric is well...buturally murdered...and it is interesting watching the juxiposition of idealistic with realistic characters and then watching their fates...anyway, enjoy the winter, it is certainly coming here in London.