Thursday 21 November 2013

Will Blofeld return?

I find it difficult to blog since the tragedy of Tuesday, but I need to keep my mind busy and do something else than grieving. I am not ready yet to write about Odin, although my post tonight is about a character whose image in the general public is one of a cat-stroking villain. I am talking of course about Ernst Stavro Blofeld, whom I blogged about before. Blofeld is a wonderfully evil villain, maybe the greatest that ever came from Ian Fleming's imagination and of course the nemesis of James Bond. He was sadly turned into a pantomime villain as the movies went on and I don't think a true, complete and definitive interpretation was ever done in the movies. Of course, Blofeld was quickly spoofed to death, turning into Dr Evil. And he disappeared from the franchise itself, because of a legal battle over the rights of Thunderball (to make a long story short). And, I learned recently that this legal battle was finally over and that the Bond producers finally have the right over the character. Since Casino Royale was a reboot, it means that Blofeld could be back, or rather reintroduced. It is very early to tell, but I do hope we see Blofeld return and that he will be more akin to the novel's Blofeld, a puritan, ruthless criminal with a work ethic that can only be qualified as fanatical. A villain who has more in common with Moriarty and Dracula than his many caricatures. So the Bond fan I am can barely wait to see what the producers have up their sleeve.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, he's overdue for a classy reinterpretation. Show a criminal mastermind some respect!

Guillaume said...

Oh yes!