Friday, 15 November 2013

The menu of The Ferry in Cookham

This is this time of the week again, when I plug a meal or a pub or a restaurant to celebrate Friday. This time, it is The Ferry in Cookham. It is a pub I visited fairly often at work, when I had Friday lunches there anyway. I also had dinner there with my parents, and I ate there a few other times. Nothing on the menu is outstanding, but I was never disappointed by what I ate. And the venue is quite nice, right by the river Thames, which makes every visit an experience in itself. I first ate a hamburger there that was delicious. With my parents it was some pasta and salmon. I also once had a Sunday roast. Every time, I was full. Meals in The Ferry are very filling. And they have decent beers too. In any case, with the setting, I always had a pleasant time eating there.

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