Friday 29 November 2013

The burgers of GBK

Well, I survived Black Friday. Who would have thought? And as I do NOT want to talk of Black Friday or frantic consumerism, I will carry on my Friday or weekend tradition on this blog of plugging a restaurant or a pub's menu. This time, it is the menu of Gourmet Burger Kitchen, or what I know of it anyway. I LOVE hamburgers. Of course these particular burgers are from a chain, not from a little known pub or restaurant. They are standardized and somewhat manufactured. They are not the best burgers I ever ate, no burger ever is here in the UK, this honor goes to many of the American diners from Montreal, this one for instance. But they are quality ones nevertheless and they are still my favourite this side of the Atlantic. And they also have a decent choice of mayonnaise varieties to go with their chips and fries, which is also a plus in my book. I wouldn't be able to tell which one of their beef burgers I prefer. And I haven't tried them all. But I can tell you that so far, they are worth the meal.

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Cynthia said...

Il parait qu'au Québec ils commencent à fêter le black Friday ... et j'ai même vu quelques ventes en France qui surfaient sur le black Friday ... sincèrement c'est une journée qui ne m'intéresse pas du tout.